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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about the apartments and the common room


What exactly is the offer; how do the rooms look like, what exactly may I use them for?

We have several rooms where you can celebrate and stay overnight. Upon your request via the input mask on our website you will receive an automatic e-mail reply with the floor plans of the 4 apartments and the common room as well as additional information. We rent out the Remise on the basis of occupancy of 10 people but do allow more within your own responsabillity for up to 6 other people . There are 2 large apartments for 3 persons (+ 2 possible extra beds) and 2 small apartments for 2 persons (+ 1 possible extra bed) . The large apartments have a living/ dining room (interconnecting room) and a bedroom. The small apartments have a living / dining / bedroom. All apartments have a fully equipped private bathroom and a toilet

In addition, there is the common room (workshop), which is always included. There you will find the projector to watch TV, the stove and the kicker table, as well as the fully equipped kitchen. In the common room there are tables and 12 chairs and a high chair for children. In this room we allow smaller celebrations with additional external guests at an extra charge of EUR 100,00. The total number of guests in this room (including overnight guests) must not exceed 35 people. For larger parties, seminars, events an additional space is available in the front house which can be rented separately depending on the event. You´ll find specific information about celebrations on our website.


Is the Ferienremise or are single rooms and room areas available?

Whether the Ferienremise is available, you will see in the calendar on our website (instantly updated). We are also represented on other portals on which there are separate calendars. Also this calendar we maintain and keep as far as possible up to date but it may occasionally have small delays.


What are the capacities of the individual rooms?

We rent the Feriennremise for 10 people. Overcrowding of the Ferienremise of up to 16 people is possible on your own responsability.

There are 2 large apartments for 3 persons (+ 2 possible extra beds) and 2 small apartments for 2 persons (+ 1 possible extra bed) . The spacious apartments have a living / dining room (interconnecting room) and a bedroom. The small apartments comprise of a living / dining / bedroom. All apartments have a fully equipped private bathroom and a toilet. Please note the information on the sizes of the existing beds and mattresses (see below) and check for yourself whether this corresponds with your occupancy plans.

We rent the community room (workshop) at no extra charge for overnight guests. In case you should invite external guests to be in the common room there will be a surcharge of 100.00 EUR for your private event. The total number of guests in the common room (including overnight guests) must not exceed 35 people. For larger parties, seminars or events additional space is available in the Ferienremise which can be rented separately depending on the event. Please see our specific information about celebrations in the Ferienremise.


How are arrival and departure regulated? (Questions regarding travel and booking periods)?

We rent the carriage house for your arrival starting at 4:00 p.m. and your departure until 11:00 a.m. The remaining time between arrival and departure, we need to clean the Remise.

You are welcome to book a late check-out (until 18:00 clock) at a price of 50.00 EUR unless subsequent booking has been made. In case of overlapping we find’ll find an agreement or refund your charge.

The key that we send to you is valid immediately. It loses its function on the day of your departure at 6 p.m.

Arrivng late at night is no problem.


How do I get the key? And how does it work?

You get your key (6-digit code) on arrival at 12:00 (noon) as a text message to the mobile number that you gave us in advance. It is effective immediately and will lose its function on the day of your departure at 6 p.m. Arrivng late at night is no problem. In this case, we recommend that you bring a flashlight. The arrangement of the individual digits is unusual for some of the guests at the beginning.

You will receive a separate key for each of the four apartments. Each key includes a total of five doors: a) entrance, b) Hofdurchgang, c) staircase, d) common room (workshop) and e) your apartment. You need the key to unlook and to look the doors from the outside. From the inside you can close all the doors without a code. First, press the ON button and then follow the menu on the display: a) room number and confirm with ON, b) enter the code, c) turn rotary knob and open the door.

At your appartementdoor please enter directly the 6-digit numerical code.

Please remain calm. Most malfunctions are due to incorrect entries. If it does not work you can just start again. Please do always follow the instructions on the display. Note: the number "0" is located in an unusual place. The rotary knob functions as a key , also the direction of rotation. Also in order to lock the door the rotary knob has to be turned.


What do I need to clean and tidy up before my departure?

We try cleaning prices for you to keep low and only charge our cost. As the Ferienremise is quite large and spacious (200 m2) our effort is quite high and is 25.00 EUR per unit , or a total of 125.00 EUR.

This is the price we can meet only in case our guests leave the Ferenremise as clean and tidy, as it is common in holiday apartments . We ask our guests to vacuum-clean and to sweep. The necessary cleaning equipment you'll find in the common room. Please also clean the common room and rinse the dishes. Please don’t leave any food, empty bottles, trash and external items and no residues in the refrigerators behind.

Please empty the trash and put the emptied bucket next to the entrance doors. On your departure, all items must be put back into place.

Our cleaning staff will take care of the rest. We take care of the floors and prevent dust from accumulating on surfaces, check the cleanliness, the function and the completeness of the items and ensure that no objects of the previous tenant remain.


Are linen and towels included in the rent?

No, the bed linen and 2 towels we charge extra with 10.00 EUR per person if you do not want to bring your own linen from home. Again, we only charge our cost for wash and not the fitting and removal of the laundry. Please make sure that all members of your group use all the linen neccessary. Please clear surplus blankets and pillows in the drawers and protect them.

Upon departure we ask you to completely remove the borrowed linen and put it inside the apartment next door or on the table.

Each borrowed linen set consists of 5 parts : 1 fitted sheet (90 * 200) , 1 duvet cover (135 * 200), 1 pillowcase (80 * 80), one bath towel (70 * 150) and a towel (50 * 100). The fitted sheets for the two sofa beds are 140 * 200.

In addition, we provide toilet paper, soap and kitchen tea towels free of charge.


How can I check what services I have booked? Were my booking requests included in the booking?

You may view your reservation by clicking the  button "Buchung / Reservierung einsehen" at the bottom right on our website by entering your specified email address and click on " Aufenthalte einsehen". There you can also complete all required information and check whether the key will be sent to the correct mobile number. We need the following information : your full address and your identity card number, the names of all overnight guests, as well as your confirmation of the terms and conditions (AGBs).


Who is my contact person? Who may I arrange a preliminary visit?

Our Ferienremise-team is responsible: You are welcome to visit the Ferienremise in advance and plan your stay and your planned celebration with them. Because of their flexibility and high quality catering, we ask our guests to arrange planned parties and events there.

You can also ask Peter Hapke and Andreas Zerr 0176 10358397. The four of us are all accessible for you under the email address info@ferienremise-berlin.de and will answer your questions quickly.

Please proceed with your inquiry as follows:

a) enter your request in the search field on our website, even if individual details are only assumed. The inquiry is not binding and provides you with other important information that you might also be able to distribute to your fellow travelers. Your request will help us to locate and store your contact and to answer your questions.

b) Use the price calculator to determine the reservation price and the required deposit.

c) please arrange an appointment if necessary


What to consider if something is broken?

Please inform us on your arrival about things that you might find broken (please send a text message to 0173 4683589). If you or your guests should break something by accident, it isn’t a big problem. Please let us know. We will definitely try to fix this without high expenses. For standard broken dishes (except bowls, pots and pans), you can also just leave EUR 3.00 per piece on the counter.


Should I separate the garbage?

Please separate glass, paper, packaging (yellow bag) and residual (household waste) . Before leaving please dispose of the glass in the glass container in the corner of Feurgstr. and Herbertstr. near the playground . Household waste goes into the household waste bin in the passage way. This is emptied on Monday and Thursday mornings. Yellow bags you get at the cafe. Please dispose of compost and foods together with household waste.


Are there any additional services?

For any additional services for the success of your event or celebration, please contact Bistro DER WEINLOBBYIST. In the context with the apartments for an extra charge you can book:

a) small private ceremony with max. 35 people in the common room : EUR 100,00

b) Late check-out until 6 p.m.: EUR 50,00

c) bed linen set per person : EUR 10,00


Is there a parking lot? Where can I park my car?

Our Ferienremise, alas, has no own parking lot . We ask you to park your car in the side streets . There you can park for free. During the day you easily get a parking lot in Czeminskistrasse – also in the other side streets. In Feurigstrasse 9 there is an underground carpark at the Kaiser Wilhelm Passage with 266 parking lots, which is open from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Please note the bus lane outside the house (Mon - Fri from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.) . Mon- Fri 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. loading and unloading is free.


What can I do in the surrounding area? (List of addresses)

There are wonderful shopping and nightlife attractions. Opposite there is the cinema Xenon and a little further the Odeon with films in English. Many boutiques, pubs and restaurants can be found in Crellestr. and Akazienstr. and its side streets. There are supermarkets , weekly markets and flea markets within walking distance . Also a good offer for wellness, fittnes and public pool Schöneberg is located nearby. A little further there is the very exclusive Liquidrom at „Anhalter Bahnhof“. Due to the excellent transport links you can reach all tourist attractions easyly ( S-Bahn station „Julius-Leber-Brücke“ in 50 m distance, also: direct bus to Central Station and to „Kurfürstendamm“ shopping street is 50 meters away , underground station „Kleist Park“ (U7) at 500 m distance.


May I have parties with dancing, loud music and party noise?

We rent the Ferienremise and associated facilities: Café 70 m2, common room (workshop) 40 m2, Supper Club 50 m2 and the courtyard 80 m2 for events and festivals. although we have celebrated major parties with more than 250 people, we must ask our guests to observe certain rules in order to celebrate undisturbed. We have the license for the activities in Bistro DER WEINLOBBYIST after 10 p.m. (80 dBA) and late into the night with no time limit. Loud music or club volume (abouve 80 dBA) are not permitted after 10 p.m.

In the courtyard, and the other rooms of the house appropriate noise is unrestricted until 10 p.m. After that both in the court and also in the rooms one should kindly respect the neighbours. Lively events are still possible.


Where can I find the TV and how do I swich it on?

The TV can be found in the common room; it is a video projector. You can receive many channels of the two satellites „Astra“ and „Eutelsat“ (Hotbird) , including numerous programs in many European languages.

To swich on the TV

a) please press the switch on the back of the satellite receiver (small box) and press on „boot“ (remote control Eurosky). There you'll also find the programs (centre button).

b) turn on the „AV Receiver“ and set the left adjuster wheel on „Sat“ with the right thumb wheel adjusts the volume (Remote Control Pioneer).

c) turn on the projector and then press source. (Off = press twice)

Please don’t unplug any cables. You can plug your I-Pod or computer via a USB cable in the front of the AV Receiver and select your device with the left adjuster wheel. Sound and picture you can sync by the button „Select“ on the Pioneer remote control.

Before you leave, you should kindly swich back to „Sat“, so that the next guest can cope with it.


Is there a crib? Is there a high chair? Are there any toys?

Unfortunately, there is no crib but you are welcome to bring a travel crib or you can bed your child on one of the folding mattresses. In the common room there is a high chair. To play, we only have a foosball table. Unfortunately, there aren’t any toys.


How big are the beds?

In each apartment there is a double bed with 2 mattresses 90 * 200 cm and a folding mattress 70 * 180 cm. The two sofa beds in the two large apartments (201 and 203) are 140 * 200 cm.


rooms/ space/ division

4 separate appartements; 2 large ones (201 und 203) for 3 to 5 persons and 2 smaller ones (202 und 204) for 2 to 3 persons. On groundfoor there is a common room 45 m2 including a large kichen and dining table. In all appartements there is a bathroom and a toilet. The two large ppartements have one interconnecting room and a sleeping room, the two smaller ones have one room each.


beds/ sleeps

4 double beds 180 cm, in each appartement one; 4 folding mattresses 70 cm, in each appartement one; 2 sofa beds 140 cm in each appartement one. Beds for 10 persons, including extra beds max. 16



the current booking calendar you will find in the footer of our website Ferienremise-Berlin.de



  • common room: kitchen: kichenware, coffee machine, dishwasher, 2 refrigerators, 2 cook stoves, 2 kitchen sink, oven; 3 dining tables including 12 chairs, Beamer (TV, Musik, etc.), foosball table, wood stove, heating, children highchair,
  • appartements: each App. coffee machine, waterboiler, sink, microwave in app. 202 und 204, blankets for in total 14.


bed linen/ towels

are not included in the booking price and have to be booked in advance or to be brought by yourself.



  • please find the current price in our price calculator on our website.
  • Ferienremise flat rate per night on weekends Fr-Su 350,00; on weekdays Su-Fr 300,00. Basis: 35,00 respectively 30,00 per person * 10 people.
  • cleaning 125,00 EUR
  • large appartement night on weekdays Su-Fr 90,00, cleaning 25,00 EUR
  • small appartement night on weekdays Su-Fr 60,00, cleaning 25,00 EUR
  • linen/ towels 10,00 EUR per person


minimum booking

  • Minimum booking on weekdays Sunday to Friday: 1 night
  • Minimum booking on weekends Friday to Sunday: 2 nights and complete Ferienremise (flat rate 825,00 EUR incl. cleaning)
  • Minimum booking on holydays/ estended weekends: 3 nights and complete Ferienremise (flat rate 1.175,00 EUR incl. cleaning)
  • Minimum booking on sylvester: 4 nights and complete Ferienremise (flat rate 1.525,00 EUR incl. cleaning)
  • private parties only if you book complete Ferienremise for min. 2 nights. Exceptions can be arranged on request.



For a fixed booking we need a first rate of 50% of the booking price. Final payment is due 2 weeks before arrival.


complete booking

You can view and complete your booking on my website, if you enter your indicated email address bottom left at "Buchung/ Reservierung einsehen" and then klick "Aufenthalte einsehen". There you can add the missing data and accept the Terms and Conditions.


breakfast/ catering

are not included in the booking price.


checkin/ checkout/ Late Checkout

4:00 pm/ 11:00 am/ 6:00 pm (only if no other guest arrives)



6-digit numeric code that will be sent to your mobilephone no. that you have given us before at noon on the day of your arrival.


WiFi Code

TP-Link 2,4 GB, Code you´ll find in the common room



There are no private parking places. Parking on the side streets is free. In front of the house is a bus lane Mon-Fri 7:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sat 9:00 am - 2:00 pm; loading and unloading Mon-Fri 9:00 am - 2:00 pm is free. In Feurigstr. no. 9, in about 100 m distance, there is a parking garage, open Mon-Sat von 7:00 am - 8:30 pm.


neighborhood/ things to do

see separate attachment


noise/ party

Please note the terms and conditions and the silence at nighttimes after 10 pm. exception: in the Café and in the yard if you book a party and catering. Our neighbors are quite sensitive. So please keep doors and windows closed if you want to hear music or if it gets louder. Private parties without catering in the courtyard are not allowed!



in the common room under the sink; on departure please empty all the garbage cans, even those in the bathrooms. The big garbage can is in the passage way. It's emptyed on Mon and Thurs. Bottles need to be brought to the container in Feurigstr. Please never use the ton of the leftovers of the café.


cleaning before departure

We ask our guests kindly to thoroughly clean the apartments and the common room before departure and not to leave any garbage. Please leave no food, ice cream, etc. in the refrigerators or in the kitchen. Please also remove the bed linen before departure, wash the dishes and cleare the rubbish. Base for the price for our final cleaning are thoroughly cleaned rooms by the guest. Additional cleaning costs will be charged to the guest afterwards.



  • Zerr Hapke Grundstücksgesellschaft: Goethestr. 72 in 10625 Berlin 030 31806684 oder 0176 10358397;
  • Bistro DER WEINLOBBYIST in der Ferienremise-Berlin: Kolonnenstr. 62 in 10827 Berlin 030 / 30 64 07 72 


bank details

Zerr Hapke Grundstücksgesellschaft
IBAN: DE67 1001 0010 0089 9681 07
Postbank Berlin BIC: PBNKDEFF



Andreas Zerr 0176 10358397; Peter Hapke 0157 71334773